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Who We Are

Zimmerman & Associates, LLC., CPAs was established in 1974. We are an aggressive professional certified public accounting firm. Our financial information presentation is among the finest in the industry. Our reputation for quality and integrity is well known and respected by bankers, surety companies, lawyers, and trade associations. Our experience encompasses such industries as construction, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, real estate, professional associations, law firms, doctors, dentists, computers, restaurants, estates, and non-profit organizations. We put special emphasis on management advisory services! Our aggressiveness and dedication complement our years of experience, just as our personalized accounting, tax and financial planning, and management advisory services set us apart

from other accounting firms.

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Consider our Reputation

When retaining a professional, you want quality results that work for you, that meet your needs and help you achieve your personal and company goals. As certified public accountants we can provide all of your needed financial planning and tax services.


The best examples of our product are “Contractors, Inc.,” “Illustration, Inc.,” and “John and Linda People;” sample financial statements created by our firm as a standard of quality and model for our financial presentations.


We understand the construction industry and know the specialized methods of construction accounting. As your surety company will tell you, financial reports are as important as your knowledge and experience in maintaining your ability to bid new work.


In one instance, a new client obtained a bonding line in excess of $12 million within two weeks after their first Zimmerman & Associates financial statements were issued. For two years prior to engaging our firm the Company had fruitlessly attempted to qualify for bonding. 


With our help, numerous other clients have received bonds primarily based on financial statements that properly recognized income and accurately categorized the balance sheet prepared by Z&A.


Specialization & Training

Z&A takes pride in the substantial investment it has made in its people, technology, and our comprehensive research training. Z&A believe that it is no longer possible to provide clients with quality services by being a sole practitioner, or a firm comprised of "generalists", or to be so large that a client must take a "number" and stand in line. Z&A's team is comprised of the appropriate mix of specialists in accounting, auditing, taxes, technology, and management advisory services. Although Z&A professionals are specialized in the services that they provide, the firm places a priority upon teamwork and coordination. among specialty groups to provide the highest quality services. We are prompt, efficient and cost effective.                                                                                                               

Z&A is sensitive to its clients' evolving concerns about new business opportunities, financing matters, computers, and financial issues - as well as the ever-changing tax code and financial accounting standards. Z&A professionals are required to take a minimum of 40 hours of continuing professional education each year - normally in their area of specialization - to keep abreast of change in our profession. We are constantly both reviewing and analyzing new accounting and bookkeeping systems to be knowledgeable in the recommendation of the appropriate system for you!

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